A Day At The Beach Ends With A Beautiful Sunset

A relaxing day at the beach, at the end of August, quickly turned into a nightmare when I ended up with a bad episode of vertigo. Unable to move, an ambulance arrived and brought me to the emergency room where the staff performed many different tests and procedures to rule out different possibilities. I can honestly say that throughout this time at the ER thoughts of pre-approvals, authorizations, and other requirements, that insurance carriers consider when paying these types of claims, entered my mind.

Following a four night hospital stay as an inpatient in southern New Jersey, I transitioned to a rehabilitation center closer to home in upstate New York. This move was of big concern to me because it would require prior-authorization from my carrier and the facility. While this request was in the works, my husband reached out to our broker to see if this could be expedited. Within 6 hours we were informed a bed was ready at Helen Hayes and this approval was authorized by our health carrier.

After a quick stay there I started outpatient vestibular therapy for two months. The diagnosis of benign vertigo is fairly common but people suffer from it in a variety of different ways. My case was fairly extreme and debilitating in that I needed a walker to get around and was unable to drive independently for the first few weeks. It was a very frustrating and upsetting time for me as I could not work or take part in activities that I normally look forward to on a daily basis.

With the way I suffered, paving the way to ensure the only worry for me would be nursing myself back to health – was paramount.  My carrier, providers of care, broker and, of course, husband, were all able to provide that desired experience for me. I moved from an inpatient stay to a rehabilitation stay to an outpatient in a rehab setting with ease.  While I was busy working on my therapy and resting, behind the scene, all claims were being approved and adjudicated for payment to my providers. Everything was done quickly which allowed me to fully recuperate without concerning myself with the insurance and/or finances.

True peace of mind for which I am eternally grateful.