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The Good News Health Insurance Blog

Good News about Health Insurance? You Bet!

News today is too often dominated by conflict, catastrophe, and misery. And when people talk about my industry, health insurance, they often tell horror stories. But some people do actually have good, uplifting experiences with their health insurance. And I want to tell those stories through this blog.

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Health Savings Account Is Truly Saving Me!

When Mike first proposed the concept of a Health Savings Account (HSA) – my boss jumped on it immediately.  Philosophically, it was right in line with the way the owner of my company thinks.  Why pay the insurance company higher premiums when most of his employees were young, healthy, and hardly had any claims throughout […]

By |May 3, 2021|

RX Discount Plans: Best I Kept My “EYES” Wide Open!

There are times when thinking outside the box really pays off.  In the circumstances that were about to occur for me, I could not have been more fortunate that I was introduced to the world of Discount Drug cards.

About a month ago I was experiencing excruciating pain and blurriness […]

By |March 1, 2021|

A Little Help From Our Friends Pays Off!

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  My treatment started with diet and exercise, but quickly progressed to oral medication.  Not too long after that, I was testing at least six times a day with finger sticks, along with injecting long-term, quick acting, insulin in the morning, evening, and at mealtimes.

By |November 1, 2020|

Appealing A Claim Claims It’s Own Rewards

We are all used to receiving an Explanation of Benefit’s (EOB’s) that lets us know we are being denied benefits and/or payments.  Unfortunately, this is all too common in the health insurance industry.  And many times, the carriers are justified in their denial based on the way the claim was submitted by the […]

By |September 1, 2020|

Tele-Medicine Has Found It’s Calling

Requesting “Feel-Good” stories from clients, during these extraordinary times, does not seem right to me.  So many things have changed recently but I believe common courtesy should not.  This is a time for giving and not for asking.  As a result, this month I am going to provide my own story which involves personal experiences […]

By |May 1, 2020|

When Accessing The Best-Of-The-Best Doctors Becomes Reality

After struggling with a severe level of pain and discomfort for many years due to a condition called spondylolisthesis, I was at the desperate stage of trying to find a solution with my back problems.  After visiting with various orthopedic surgeons, and requesting advice from friends and colleagues, I was recommended to a surgeon that […]

By |March 2, 2020|

A Day At The Beach Ends With A Beautiful Sunset

A relaxing day at the beach, at the end of August, quickly turned into a nightmare when I ended up with a bad episode of vertigo. Unable to move, an ambulance arrived and brought me to the emergency room where the staff performed many different tests and procedures to rule out different possibilities. I can […]

By |January 13, 2020|

Insurance Carrier Helps Woman Who ‘Fell between the Cracks’

One of my clients went through an exciting merger with another company. But in the flurry of closing activities, there was confusion on the formal transition date. As a result, my client inadvertently ended its health plan 15 days before the merged company’s new plan kicked in.

So […]

By |November 1, 2019|
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