Affordable Care Act Reform

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been diluted, but it’s still the law. We navigate this complex area for you, and help you cost-effectively avoid risk.

As healthcare experts we will help you plan strategically to overcome the many challenges of healthcare reform as new laws take effect. More importantly, we will assess your plans, using our custom-built healthcare reform models, to determine if you are at risk for potential penalties. Then, we will work with you to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective plan design.

Understanding the many nuances of healthcare reform legislation following the passage of
the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) can be challenging and now there is even more confusion with uncertainty of what’s to come with the new administration.

► Does my benefits package provide minimum essential coverage and minimum value?
► Does my benefits package meet affordability guidelines?
► Are we subject to “pay or play” fines?

These are just some of the complex issues that employers need to address, while still trying to achieve their business objectives. With healthcare mandates in constant flux, we are here as your partner and compliance expert, to help ease the burden. Our team of advisors will work with you to minimize the risk of non-compliance and educate you on the impact of healthcare regulations. We will pro-actively keep you informed as laws and requirements change.