Benefits Overview

One of the most appreciated value-added services that Strategic Employer Planning provides is a Benefits Overview. We create a simple, interactive document that helps your employees understand their health insurance plan. And it helps you, too—with fewer complaints, fewer administrative headaches, and happier workers.

Employees always seem to have a hard time understanding their benefits. The government mandates that carriers and employers provide a “Summary of Benefits of Coverage” to try to educate workers. But that can be almost as confusing as the full plan.

Our well-structured Benefits Overview is “easy on the eyes.” It helps your employees navigate all of their medical benefits by themselves. And it helps your human resources manager, too—to proactively address common questions, and to help recruit new employees.

The Benefits Overview typically includes sections on coverage (including options like dental, life, disability, and retirement), employee responsibilities, employer contributions, and key customer service contacts.

We also imprint your logo on the Benefits Overview, projecting a professional image to both current and prospective employees. It lets them know that you value their healthcare, and that you are a good organization to work for.