Benefits Overview

We create a simple, interactive overview for your employees to help them understand their choices – and help you attract and retain workers.

Employees are always having a difficult time understanding their benefits. The Summary of Benefits of Coverage that the government has forced carriers and employers to provide are still confusing in describing benefits. Being able to give employees a plan description that is “easy on the eyes” goes a long way in helping them to navigate their medical plan. Company benefits, such as dental, life, disability, retirement plans, etc., are provided, as well.

Other great sections within the benefits overview include employer contributions and important customer service numbers for your carriers. By providing your logo, the Benefits Overview brochure will give the look and feel of your company and make the employee feel appreciated and enthusiastic about all the benefits they are entitled to being part of your organization.

A well-structured overview will support your Human Resources department in pro-actively answering questions and demonstrate value to both current and prospective employees.