Dental & Vision

Dental coverage increases the odds that your employees will go to the dentist regularly. And that actually makes them more productive. The Surgeon General has reported that millions of work hours are lost each year due to dental-related illness. Plus, diagnosing and treating dental problems early can reduce the expense of more costly procedures. So a healthy smile is an integral part of overall well-being.

Vision care may be even more vital. According to the Vision Council of America, up to 75% of adults need some form of vision correction. And millions suffer from more severe eye problems, which could be detected early with regular eye exams. In addition, healthy vision makes workers feel better and be more productive. So vision care coverage is an important part of an employee’s benefits package.

There are many good reasons to offer your employees these two benefits, including:

• A broad benefits package helps you attract the best people—and retain them
• Vision and dental contribute significantly to employees’ overall well being—and show you care about them —which improves morale and productivity
• These benefits are affordable—costs have actually decreased in recent years

Here at Strategic Employer Planning, we offer a full range of dental and vision carriers, plan options, and price points from industry leaders. Our plans can be tailored to every employer’s needs, including DMO/HMO, PPO, and dual option type coverage.