We always keep an eye out for emerging trends and new technologies in healthcare. Especially if they help you control your plan costs and improve your employees’ lives (not to mention their productivity).

Tele-Medicine is remote 24/7 access to doctors for non-emergency situations. It allows you and your employees to get real-time answers to medical questions for immediate care. That’s not only an incredibly convenient service, it means employees don’t have to take time off from work to see a doctor about many health concerns.

Our Tele-Medicine partner provides a variety of value-added services that your employees are sure to appreciate.


Immediate, 24/7 access to doctors—including pediatricians—by video, phone and/or email.


Time, money, absences from work, ER waiting rooms for non-emergency issues, and more.

  • Talk directly with a U.S.-based, board-certified doctor in minutes
  • Avoid deductibles and copays – in all types of health plans
  • Prescriptions can be called in to your local pharmacy
  • Unlimited consultations with $0 per-call fees
  • Covers an employee’s entire family
When to Use Telemedicine:
  • If you’re considering an ER or urgent care for a non-emergency medical issue
  • When you’re traveling and in need of medical care
  • For general medical issues and questions
  • To request new prescriptions or refills
  • Any time—during or after business hours, nights, weekends, even holidays
Common Conditions Treated:
  • Allergies, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, fever, cold and flu
  • Infections, insect bites, rashes, joint aches and pains
  • Ear, nose and throat infections, urinary tract infections
  • And many more ailments

The need to reduce healthcare costs has never been greater. And a major factor in spiraling medical costs is the casual use of emergency rooms and urgent care centers for basic needs. Strategic Employer Planning is happy to offer a Tele-Medicine option to small employers to keep costs down and provide a better healthcare experience for employees.