We take great pride in shopping the entire marketplace and leaving “no stone unturned” in helping you get the best products for the best rates. We clearly show you the results of our efforts, and summarize them in a spreadsheet encompassing financial and benefit analysis. Too often, many insurance professionals feel the job is done once the employer selects their insurance carrier, we feel this couldn’t be further from the truth.
You can select the best vendors in the marketplace, but lose the impact of these decisions by not effectively communicating them with your employees. We pride ourselves on being able to aide you in effectively communicating your benefit decisions to your employees and their dependents. We are always available to assist in the following ways:

• Develop an open enrollment timeline to successfully manage deadlines for proper setup and processing
• Develop payroll deduction strategies
• Conduct expert enrollment meetings
• Prepare open enrollment kits (hard copy and
electronic) including detailed benefit summaries, prescription drug formularies and coordinate SBC distribution to comply with reform guidelines
• Develop announcement memos informing employees of carrier selections and plan changes
• Handling of open enrollment questions from
employees and their dependents through phone calls or special open enrollment e-mail addresses

  • Proof enrollment forms for missing information to ensure proper implementation and enrollment
  • Provide coordination of care for special
    circumstances when changing carriers
  • Assist with the preparation of COBRA letters
  • Create a Benefit Overview document to distribute to employees
  • Continual claim resolution support for employees throughout the course of the year
  • Perform Annual Affordability Testing and consult on PPACA compliance
  • Coordinate ERISA compliance including
    developing and distributing compliant SPD’s and certificates of coverage

We are here to assist every step of the way
to ensure an effective enrollment period.