RX Discount Plans: Best I Kept My “EYES” Wide Open!

There are times when thinking outside the box really pays off.  In the circumstances that were about to occur for me, I could not have been more fortunate that I was introduced to the world of Discount Drug cards.

About a month ago I was experiencing excruciating pain and blurriness in one of my eyes, completely unaware I had contracted an aggressive viral infection. After a few brief doctor consults, I promptly sought a visit with an ophthalmologist who was a leading specialist in this area.  I was instructed that I must get on a special anti-viral medication to attack this infection.  The ophthalmologist explained that my eyesight was in grave danger and required this medication right away.  She was deeply concerned that this infection could cause permanent damage and that blindness was almost certain to occur if not addressed immediately.

Sadly, my insurance company did not concur with her assessment.   They refused to approve the medication and instead suggested they would only be willing to cover an alternative treatment.   My ophthalmologist, again, a leading specialist in these conditions, was certain this alternative treatment would not work, and the medication she recommended was vital to saving my eye.  Trusting her, and not my insurance carrier, I checked with my pharmacy for the over-the-counter price for this medication.  It was an insane amount of $930 but since it was my vision we were talking about; I was resigned that I would have to pay it.

Before I did, my doctor suggested I check into Discount Pharmacy Drug programs, which have become prominent in the marketplace.   I had never used an RX Discount Card before, but I have recently seen commercials and thought it would not hurt to consider my options.   The one I chose was simple to acquire – as the app downloaded right onto my cell phone.  After filling out a bit of history and some minor personal information, I punched in the recommended medication I needed and voila! – a half hour later and $35 dollars out of my pocket – I had my first dosage! A 95% Savings!

While this cost would not apply to my health plan deductible or out of pocket maximum – it was financially the best solution for me at the time.  I am happy to report months later with the medication, and wonderful treatment from my ophthalmologist, the viral infection is completely gone, and my eye has fully recovered.

I asked Mike to blog on this experience because only a week after all of this occurred, he had – unknowingly – brought to my attention his relationship with CleverRx – a discount drug program that he offers to all his clients/prospects, friends, and family.  This card includes the major, and minor, pharmacies to offer the best discounts available in your area.  On average, the savings generated from using CleverRX is about 80% and is one of the best value-ad products Mike offers.  So many people are now covered under high deductible health plans, or may be underinsured, that having this alternative has become a necessity.  As easy as it was for me to sign up – you can do the same by visiting and downloading your immediate savings today.  It will be a game changer!