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Empowering others to manage their health and wellbeing from a position of strength. -Mike Fidlow

Elaine Ford

HR Director, RLC Electronics

Every few months I hear from Michael when he reaches out just to make sure all is well. He also provides valuable marketplace information throughout the year. His strength really shines through at renewal when there are no surprises. That is the real value in having a broker that stays in touch consistently.

Michelle Bauersachs

Controller, All Bright Electric

My report from Sloan Kettering was not what I wanted to hear. As I researched various options to address my illness it quickly became apparent that I had to weigh choices in treatment, providers, and coverage criteria. Michael immediately stepped in, took much of the burden away from me, resolved all of my claims properly, and provided me with peace of mind to deal with the only real priority – my health!”

Bonnie D’Amato

Office Manager, Hauser Brothers

Ever since we moved into a High Deductible Health Plan, Michael has explained the advantages and disadvantages with our new Health Savings Account. My comfort level has been rewarded by year over year company savings and noteworthy accumulation in my own account.

3 important reasons to choose us for your insurance needs


Finding the right benefits for employees is harder than finding a good fitting pair of shoes - but don’t be intimidated. We make integrating health insurance products and services for your business simple, as it should be.


Work with a broker that adheres to their vision, mission and value statement without compromise.  You will always know we have your best interests in mind because we are dedicated to each and every clients’ needs.


Thinking outside the box is a necessity but communicating inside the box is just as important.  We dedicate our services to helping employees understand their benefits so that they are able to see the value of having them.

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