Making Dental Plans Something To Smile About

Many employers I work with are not seeing the value in offering dental plans to their employees.  Offering dental on a voluntary basis is difficult as most plans come with waiting periods for non-preventive care.  Employees will typically shy away because their needs are current, and they do not want to spend their money waiting for minor or major services to be covered 6-12 months down the road.

When it comes to employers contributing towards dental plans, there is hesitancy on their part due to the limited coverage offered with DMO’s (Dental Maintenance Organization) and PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organization).  The DMO, while it does not cap reimbursement for services by providing discounts for most dental work, it forces you to see their network of dentists – which is typically limited in quality providers.  The PPO, however, allows for a broader network of dentists, and includes out of network capabilities, but the cost versus the maximum reimbursement for these types of plans are prohibitive.

So, what is the answer to finding affordable coverage with a broad network of quality dentists?

Sometimes it is best to have someone look at how to build the best plan from within.  When you have a dentist professional willing to take time to understand the frustrations of his own patients – you create an opportunity to offer a platform that is appealing to the masses.  I believe Smylen provides that creativity and understanding.

Smylen provides a seamless experience that employees love and saves employers money with transparent and comprehensive dental care at a fraction of the cost of traditional dental insurance.

They are a new kind of dental plan that combines a network of top dentists, their absolute best prices, Airbnb-style booking, flexible payments, & 24/7 personalized insurance-care navigation that includes a concierge-style customer service team. You can choose dental procedures with no restrictions, top dentists with complete price transparency, and earn financial rewards with good dental habits along the way!

This approach calls for a small monthly fee per participant which gives the employee and dependents access to a network of quality dentists that are open to filling their chairs with new and existing patients.  Down-time, or cancelled appointments, are common so this format entices top dentists to discount their fees of up to 70% when filling in appointments.  With their technology, you can manage your appointments, make payments, and handle registration all from your phone.  Smylen can handle specialist referrals, send check-up and cleaning reminders, and best of all – without any need for any claim forms or processing.

Strategic Employer Planning is excited to offer this incredible Dental Program to Employer Groups and Individuals.  Please feel free to e-mail me at or simply call to discuss further at 845-521-7518.