The Right Prescription Pays Off

When I had been introduced to Members Health Plan (MHP), a MEWA, as an alternative to my current health benefits, I admit I was quite reluctant to consider change in my health plan.  I had heard of Association Health Plans (AHP’s) and Professional Employer Organization’s (PEO’s), but a MEWA was foreign to me and so the notion of leaving a reputable carrier was of concern, especially when I was looking for the best coverage for my family of six.  From my own research, a multiple employer welfare agreement (MEWA) is known for taking on small employers, administering its own health plan, and offering protection of being a part of a larger self-funded pool of participants with predictable, fixed monthly payments. 

Mike pointed out the advantages of being part of this particular MEWA were the length of time it has been doing business in the state of New Jersey, the premiums were generated based on community rates, and the ability to offer multiple plan designs to opt from for each employee in my company.  This certainly kept my interest, but I was still worried because I knew my family had a consistent need to access benefits over the years and we would be continuing that need in the future.  How would this MEWA process all my claims?

The thing about having a broker you can trust is you know that when he makes a recommendation it is not done out of haste.  Mike understood the issues I dealt with in the past, took the time to listen to my wife and I about current health concerns in our family, and did the research necessary (without our request) to ensure that MHP would be a proper fit for my company, my employees, and my family.  After a few more calls together, more education from Mike on what I was going into, I decided it was a risk worth taking.

I am reaching out to let you know how happy we are with the insurance that we have.  Recently, my oldest son had been having some gastric problems.  We went to see the doctor and he prescribed Xifaxan, which is an antibiotic that fights bacterial infection only in the intestines. It works differently from other antibiotics because it passes through your stomach and into your intestines without being absorbed into your blood stream. The doctor told us that this medicine is extremely expensive and may not be approved by our insurance carrier.  When we went to get the medicine at the pharmacy, we were extremely surprised that the medicine was fully covered – and we did not owe a dime.  When we asked how much is normally costs the pharmacist said it was over $2000.  Regardless, the end result from getting this prescription produced the results we were looking for – our boy with a healthy diagnosis within a week of taking this medication.

With everything going on with COVID-19, and the economy, this was great news!  The comfort level we have with MHP has grown with the time we have been with them and we cannot be more thankful for Mike’s advice to move forward.  My employees that enrolled with the plan were able to choose the best option for themselves and their family – and that has made a tremendous difference in morale around the office.  It is worth repeating again, thank you again for all your help, and for always being there throughout the year for all of us.  It brings me great pleasure to be a contributor to your feel-good stories blog.  I look forward to providing many more in the years to come.